ITMM in English?

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ITMM in English?

Сообщение MilenkoI » 09 дек 2020, 22:58

Hello, I'm from Serbia and I am intrested in studying Department of Software, Software engineering, but i don't know russian language, but I know english quite well, so I'm interested IS THERE ENGLISH STUDIES OF SOFTWARE DEPARTMENT IN LOBACHEVSKY UNIVERSITY?

Konstantin Kemaev
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Re: ITMM in English?

Сообщение Konstantin Kemaev » 10 дек 2020, 10:30

Hello! Yes, we have English taught studies:
- Bachelor in Fundamental Computer Science & Information Technology;
- Master in Software Engineering.
What programme are you interested in?
Will you apply on a fee-paid basis or within the scholarship of the Russian government (100% of the tuition fee is covered by Russia, it is possible if your GPA is high, and you have a strong motivation and some achievements in Science, Art, Sport or Social Activities).
Feel free to contact me via (Dr.Konstantin Kemaev, Head of the International Cooperation Office).


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